Dry food, Wet foods (foils, pouches and tins), Frozen Minces and Tripes. - For a list of brands stocked see the Suppliers list


Coachies Training treats, Feelwells Probiotic treats, James Wellbeloved Crackerjacks and Minijacks, Munchies Natural Dried Meat treats, Petproject Thrive and ProReward, Rattle and Reward treats, Vitakraft Soft Snacks.

Also Dried Natural Meat treats including Dried Chicken Breast, Dried Flat Beef, Dried Tripe and Paddiwack.


Rawhide chews in a variety of sizes, strengths and shapes. Company of Animals Marrowbone chews, Nylabone chews

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Nylon and Leather collars, Nylon, Leather and Rope leads, Nylon and Padded Harnesses


T-shirts, Coats and Jumpers


Brushes, Combs, Scissors, Electric clippers and Nail clippers


Rubber, Vinyl, Rope, Tennis ball toys, Tugs and Squeakers

Dog Doors

Pet Mate dog doors and coming soon the Sureflap Microchip Small Dog Door!

Treatments for fleas, worms, etc

Flea drops and collars, Flea sprays for the house, Pesticide-free household sprays, Flea combs, Deworming tablets and Various Natural treatments

Puppy and Dog Training

House Training pads and Treats for Training


Plastic and Material carriers

Poop Disposal

Flat and Rolled poop bags

Bowls and Accessories

Metal, Plastic, Ceramic bowls (plain and patterned) and Dinner mats

Training Crates

Metal Savic Training crates


Dog and Puppy care, Puppy Training, Problem Solving, Breed specific books - Please enquire in the Shop